259 Melinda Wittstock: Happy New Year!

Melinda Wittstock is a 4-time serial entrepreneur and an award-winning journalist. Host of Wings, Melinda shares what it takes to take inspired action in alignment with your intentions for the New Year with practical advice. You’ll learn how to set powerful intentions, identify the gaps in your life, take focused action to ensure you work less to achieve more, and how to find the one word that will be your guide star for 2019.

Today is a new day, a fresh start – and a wonderful opportunity to build on all your successes and all you’ve learned in 2018. What is going to be different this year? What do you intend for 2019?

I’m Melinda Wittstock and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Today on Wings of Inspired Business we talk about intentions and what it is like to live intentionally.

Today you probably have a whole load of resolutions. Am I right?

This is going to be the year you eat healthy and go to the gym. 2019 is going to be the year you reach out and ask for help and allow yourself to receive. 2019 is the year you’re going to finally start writing that book you’ve been talking about. This is the year you’re going to change the game in your business… you’ll make those sales calls you put off and get better at actually asking for the sale; you’ll finally hire that VA, finally get consistent at posting on social media, finally get that personal brand website together. This is going to be the year you do that miracle morning meditation you’ve been talking about.

You know I could go on and on … because whatever “it” is … most people start out with the best of intentions … and then somehow a few weeks in, resolutions turn into mananas, and then finally by year’s end, “if only’s”.

We’ve all been there – and today, this year, it’s going to be different!

Today as you pamper yourself a bit (please!) after last night’s festivities … give your self a chance to reflect. Give yourself some quiet time to think about where you want to be this time next year. Go for a walk in the woods, the beach, wherever you are; or take a bubble bath with a glass of wine. It doesn’t matter as long as you have space and solitude.

What do you want to achieve in 2019? What is missing from your life right now that you crave? What would make the biggest difference to you? What do you want more than anything else?

If you took advantage of my free gift – my 10-Step Countdown to your best New Year ever – then you’ll be familiar with some of these steps. If not, no fear! It’s never too late and we’ll abbreviate the Countdown today … on this episode … plus you can still download it at wingspodcast.com/countdown.

So here’s what we’re going to do today!

First off, I want you to thank 2018. That’s right. Thank the year. Be grateful for all that happened, the good and the bad, your triumphs and your learnings – all of it. Because when we’re grateful for what we have, we attract more that we’ll be grateful for. Try to think of everything and write it down, free form.

OK, with feelings of gratitude in your heart, we’re going to do a little check in with ourselves.  Here’s what I want you to do.

Take out a pen and a piece of paper, and write down the following categories: Money, Vocation or Business, Health, Fun, Relationships, Personal Growth and Giving.

Next to each – on a scale of 1-10, 10 being truly magical – rate where you are in each category: Again Money, Vocation or Business, Health, Fun, Relationships, Personal Growth and Giving.

Remember – no shame, no blame.

Be honest with yourself, and forgive yourself for not (yet!) being where you want to be.

In life, challenges are opportunities.

And when we forgive ourselves and truly love ourselves as we are, we open the door to our dreams.

Now, next to the numbers for each category … think about what would have made it a “Perfect 10” in 2018.

Maybe you were a 3 in money, a 6 in health and an 8 in giving, for example.

So now write down what would have to happen for you to have a 10 in each category in 2019?

Write these down as if you have already accomplished that “Perfect 10”.

For example:

Health: I am exercising regularly, eating healthy and taking time for a massage once a month.

Money: I have a clear financial target for the year, I know and watch my numbers weekly, and I now put 15% of everything I earn into a wealth capture account.

The important thing to remember is not to sweat the “how”.

Stay focused on the “what” – what are the results you want to achieve not how you will achieve them.

Once you’ve got your ratings between 1-10 for each category, let’s get focused on actions you can take in this first week of the New Year to move those numbers. For each category, write down three action steps you will take.

Each of the three steps has a different focus:

  1. Immediate: An action you will take today towards your desired result
  2. Weekly: An action you will do daily or weekly rain or shine towards your desired result. You can have more than one – and please start with one to ensure it becomes a habit before adding more.
  3. Outreach: You will ask for help! You’ll identify and reach out to a potential mentor, influencer, or expert coach you will ask for help on how best to achieve your goal. You may want to think of a few people, and all of them must have proven expertise in the area you need help. You may not know them, and that’s fine: One of your most important action steps may be finding a way to connect.

Now it’s time to get serious because we’re going to start closing the gaps between where you are today – at the start of 2019 – with where you want to be by the end of this year.

We’re going to start by putting the action steps into your calendar.

These are your priorities, so you must prioritize them.

For instance, if one of your Weekly action steps is to meditate daily or to make sales calls without fail every Monday, put it in your calendar, and set reminders for yourself.

And then as Nike says, “Just Do It!”

You’ll be surprised what happens in your life when you take disciplined, focused and regular action towards a goal.

Of course, it is impossible to achieve unless you can conceive.

So often people never attain their dreams because they don’t dare to dream.

I’ve learned as a successful 4 time serial entrepreneur that I spin my wheels if I don’t know where I’m going.

Knowing exactly what you want is the most significant determinant of success – and what makes success inevitable is being able to SEE yourself succeeding.

So in this exercise you’ll need some quiet and uninterrupted time.

Here’s what you’re going to do.

Close your eyes. Take some deep belly breaths. Relax.

Think of ONE big thing you want more than anything else in your life right now.

The ONE thing you believe would change EVERYTHING.

Now imagine yourself having that thing. Imagine yourself being the person who has that thing.

Maybe its $1mm+ in your bank account…

Maybe it’s a loving relationship with your true soul mate…

Maybe your business has helped 1 million people…

Whatever it is, visualize EVERY detail.

What are you doing? Who are you with? How are you feeling?

Feel the immense gratitude of having achieved this milestone. Let the joy fill your heart and wash over your entire body and soul. Feel your heart leap.

Remember these feelings and return to this visualization EVERY DAY – in the morning when you wake up and in the evening just before you go to sleep.

Your top #1 goal is the most important – and you’ll want to make sure you focus and prioritize your activities around taking inspired action towards this #1 goal.

You can also drill down if you like to set three intentions for each of the 7 categories – money, business or vocation, love, relationships, health/fitness, personal growth and giving.

In each of these categories, write 3 intentions.

Now this is important:  Write your intentions as if they have already transpired.

For instance:


  • I receive $50,000 a month or more effortlessly
  • I give $10,000 or more to a charity
  • I am debt-free

Personal Growth:

  • I receive and act on divine inspiration in alignment with my true purpose and passion
  • I am free of any and all limiting beliefs
  • I am consistent in my daily gratitude practice


  • I travel at will worldwide
  • I create and attract meaningful and fun experiences with and for my friends
  • I read a new book each week

Health and Fitness

  • I have the body of my dreams, fit, strong and healthy
  • I’m consistent with my workouts and yoga
  • My house is free from all harmful chemicals in all food, cosmetics and household products


  • I have a loving relationship with my partner
  • I attract the perfect team members, mentors and clients
  • My friends are always there for me as I am for them


  • My book is a bestseller on Day 1
  • My customers are so happy they attract other customers like them
  • My business is in perfect alignment with my “soul purpose”

These are simply examples, and they may inspire you.

Please make sure your intentions are authentic to you and what YOU really want in your life. Because intentions have a divine power to manifest when you are in true alignment.

Once you have your intentions, create a vision board or on a large piece of paper, write them all down and put them in a place where you look at them every day, without fail – and when you do you will feel the gratitude as if they are already achieved.

My suggestion is you revisit these intentions and visualizations every morning when you first wake up – and again before you go to sleep. Don’t constrain or limit your visions by getting stuck in the how. Trust and Imagine them done.

Now finally, the last step today is to see if you can find a pattern that may point to a single word that can sum up your biggest boldest dream or intention.

What is you word?

Please pick a word that can be your 2019 North Star; a word that will guide your every action and remind you daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute of your true intentions.

Enough. Dream. Surrender. Growth. Play. Serenity. Money. Joy. Love. Impact. Influence. Abundance. Receiving. Giving. Inspired. Authentic. Release. Change. Connection.

There are so many to choose from – and again, please make your word authentic to you.

Last year my word was “surrender”. I set out to release of any and all limiting beliefs that still stood between me and realizing my vision and mission …and surrendering too to inspiration from a higher place than my own ego or what my mind could conceive. And it was a game changer, truly. I am here now today ready for my 2019 word: Growth. I am playing bigger in 2019 and growth on a personal and business sense is my word.

Here’s how to test your word: Say it aloud and pay attention to how your body feels. Do you feel a sense of joy and release wash over you? Or do you feel a tightening in your stomach? How does your word make you feel? Try a few on for size before you settle on your 2019 word.

Once you have your word, put it everywhere. On post it notes on your computer, in text reminders, all over the place.

Let your word guide you to action steps, to what is a “no” and what is a “hell yeah”, to what opportunities you accept and which ones you reject.

These steps have been so transformational for me I actually do a shorter variation of these every Sunday morning for the week ahead. It keeps me connected to myself and my authentic purpose … and helps me stay focused on achieving my goals.

So I’d love it if you shared your 2019 word with our growing wings community. You can do that by going liking our Facebook page at facebook.com/wingspodcast – you can also tag me on your Instagram post at @melindawittstock2020 or Twitter @melindawings. And you can still get all these steps with a free download wingspodcast.com/countdown. It’s easy and its free – that’s wingspodcast.com/countdown.

I am wishing you a happy, fulfilled and prosperous New Year in which you realize your passion, purpose and your dreams.

And stay listening to Wings of Inspired Business because we have some inspiring episodes and opportunities coming up in the new year – including a new series where we explore how men and women best work together in entrepreneurship with interviews with husband and wife entrepreneurial teams.

Also if the idea of getting away to a luxury retreat with unlimited spa time, white space to deeply connect with yourself and other top women in business, collaborating, co-creating and having fun for 4 days … well stay tuned because I am going to be sending out a few invitations for you to apply for this exclusive opportunity.

I am so excited to see you soar to new heights in the year ahead – and live the life of your dreams.

Women. Innovating. Networking. Growing. Scaling. That’s WINGS.

I’m Melinda Wittstock. Happy New Year!

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