419 Jewels Arnes: Conscious Beauty

What if you could live to 150 … or longer … without pain, in full health and vitality? And what if it was as simple as aligning your energetic frequencies and using skin care and other products that repaired DNA with powerful anti-aging properties?


I’m Melinda Wittstock and today on Wings of Inspired Business we meet an inspiring entrepreneur and vibrational therapist who is doing just that.

Jewels Arnes has a long and accomplished background in healing modalities – and was inspired to create a delivery system for frequencies to elevate consciousness. Jewels is the Founder of Infynite Gold skin care – a line infused with powerful natural ingredients to heal from the inside out.

In a minute you are going to learn all about an ingredient called ORMUS – and a process to transcend our aging.

She evolved the transformative applications of Skin Care to activate human potential and transcend perceived limitations of Social Agreements around aging.

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Jewels is a pioneer of what she calls “conscious skincare” as the founder and CEO of Infynite Gold.

She has created in one of the most advanced natural skincare lines to promote healthy skin, healing, DNA repair and anti-aging. It relies on scalar energy healing to transform and reprogram human cells and DNA to reverse disease and combat aging. Also it utilizes the potent consciousness of ORMUS Elements – and stay tuned because Jewels will explain.

After working for decades as a healer, Jewels discovered what drives healing. She says it isn’t combining the latest chemical cocktail, rather it’s about using elements from our natural world to truly heal from the inside out. With over 25 years of experience and a vast background and education in multiple healing modalities and natural health, Jewels has numerous certifications and accreditations from Kinesiology and Massage to Holistic Health, Mindfulness and the Mind/ Body Connection, Aromatherapy, Cranial Sacral Certification, Energetic Transformation, Quantum Healing Techniques, Infinity Healing, Vibrational Therapy and Intuitive Counseling.  She’s also a Reiki Master Healer.

Healing herself from a traumatic spine injury after being told she would never be able to work again, and later losing a best friend to cancer, Jewel’s decided to take her passion for integrating true health throughout every cell of the body to the next level with her Infynite Gold skincare line by integrating specific frequencies such as Repaired DNA, activated DNA to promote healthy cellular regeneration, healing and the most advanced skin repair.

So are you ready for Jewels Arnes? I am. Let’s fly!

Melinda Wittstock:         Jewels, welcome to Wings.

Jewels Arnes:                    Thank you. I’m so happy to be here.

Melinda Wittstock:         I always love to talk to people who are focused on not only healing the planet but elevating our consciousness. That’s a really big reason why I’m in business as well, and so many of the people I work with. And you are a vibrational therapist. You have this skincare line. I want to start with a question that a lot of people will be curious about. What is a vibrational therapist?

Jewels Arnes:                    So a vibrational therapist is … So in my particular case, how I use vibrational therapy is I read your energy system a lot like … Almost like reading a book, but it’s in frequency and not words, but the frequencies themselves almost have words. And by doing that, I’m able to find places in the body that are denser or holding onto slow energy patterns. And by doing that, I can go in and raise the frequency of those energy patterns and allow the energy to flow a little bit more. But just by raising the frequency of the body, people can raise their state of consciousness, are able to hold a higher perspective for about five to six days after a treatment. So I always incorporate the mindfulness and looking at patterns that maybe are holding them back so that they can really do the homework in between.

Melinda Wittstock:         Now your skincare line is infused with this same principle, and I’m also curious about how does that all work? How do you get this vibrational element into your products?

Jewels Arnes:                    Yeah, thanks for asking. So there’s actually … There’s two different elements, or you know, you say element because it actually is an element. So one of the elements that I’m using in the products is called Ormus and it’s orbited rearranged monoatomic elements, it’s an element in a spin state. And so I actually attach scalar frequencies or scalar intelligence. Each product has over 250 frequencies in it, and the frequencies are layered in a way that you’re working on the physical body, the spiritual body, and the conscious body. And so it helps elevate space of consciousness through the frequencies that are actually running through the brain so that you’re able to go to higher perspective more easily.

Melinda Wittstock:         So Jewels, there you are. You have this unique ability to read people’s energy. What was the eureka moment where you said, “Oh my goodness, I’m just going to apply this to a skincare line.”

Jewels Arnes:                    Right. Well, being a healer, I’ve always been looking for different ways to help my clients and that sort of stuff. And gosh, it’s … I feel like there’s such a big story even before that moment, but I decided to infuse a cream with energy to give to my clients. I live in an area where we are very athletic, it’s a ski resort area, and people are always having injuries and this sort of thing. And so I decided to put frequencies into a scalar device that I actually made myself through getting visions in my dream state. And I would wake up and draw this picture and after the scalar device was created, I would take people’s pictures, put it into the scalar device with whatever their ailment was. So let’s say it was somebody that had a torn ligament. So I put that picture of the healthy ligament on top of it and infuse it into a cream and then they would rub the cream with the scalar frequencies of a repaired ligament. And the healing process was so amazing to watch that I was just blown away, and everybody else was blown away.

So I knew I had something there. And it’s a whole other journey of how it got to skincare. But I ended up sending some of it to my ex husband because he is … He’s in this physical job and I was like, “Oh here, just try this.” And he called me a week later and he was like, “What is this stuff?” He’s like, “My wrinkles all disappeared.” And I’m like, “You’re not supposed to put it on your face. It’s supposed to go on your sore muscles.” And he’s like, “Well, you need to start a skincare line because I literally look 10 years younger.”

Melinda Wittstock:         Wow. That’s so interesting. I mean, because you yourself had a traumatic injury, it was a spinal injury, right?

Jewels Arnes:                    Yes.

Melinda Wittstock:         And so that must have been an impetus. I find sometimes the things that go wrong in our lives are opportunities.

Jewels Arnes:                    Yeah. It really was. And so I … Yes, I had a spine injury and even after surgery the damage was so bad that they were saying I would never get full function of my left arm. I wasn’t going to be able to work anymore. And I was in a tremendous amount of pain. And at that point, when I was released from the doctors, is kind of when I had this aha moment where like, “What am I doing? Why am I giving all of everybody out there, doctors and everybody else, the capability to heal me when I’m the one that should be healing me?” And it was like in that moment that I connected to an energy, it was a higher frequency than I’d ever healed from before. And I actually healed myself instantly. I mean, it was within seconds I healed myself. I had full function of my arm, I wasn’t in pain. I went to extremely high frequency, and that was kind of the journey of just healing from what I call the first particle of existence, or the God particle.

Melinda Wittstock:         And this is really a healing from the inside out. It’s so interesting when people talk about, say, when The Secret first came out in the law of attraction and this whole idea of manifestation and vision boards and thinking about all of these things, that we could manifest things just by thinking of them. And then that field got a little bit more sophisticated because you can have subconscious counter-intentions that are holding you back from doing that. And how does all of that apply to this healing modality? When you were able to heal yourself, was it a visualization process, or what was it exactly?

Jewels Arnes:                    How do I explain this? It was more about raising my frequency from where I was healing from. So before I would … I mean, not to get too specific, but I guess I was probably healing from maybe the fifth or sixth dimension. And when I reached … When I decided is like it’s not working from here, I need to go higher. And I went until I couldn’t go any further and I literally entered a particle, and it wasn’t even of light, it was actually more of darkness. And once I entered that particle, I just healed. It wasn’t even like I had to ask for it. It just happened because … And what I found over time after using it on some of my clients and in some other places, is that once you’re inside of the God particle or the first particle of existence, you’re bypassing all karma and spiritual law. So at that point I didn’t have any programs that were holding me back from healing because I was in my purest state of existence.

Melinda Wittstock:         So Jewels, when you talk about the God particle and accessing that, I mean, how? How do you do this? Is this just a natural, literally God given talent that you have homed for many, many years? What is it? Because for anybody listening to this right now, they’re like, “Oh God, that sounds nice. How do I do that?”

Jewels Arnes:                    Right. No, I agree. So I feel like it’s something that everybody can do, and the first step is to ask. And I always say … I actually will share one of the healing statements that I give people as homework all the time. But I’ll say, “Start with from the first particle of existence to this time and place called now. I ask to clear …” Whatever it is that they’re working on now. And then you say, “Show me.” And then you and that moment you just shut your eyes, connect to the frequency of what you … It doesn’t have to be that you even really necessarily feel anything, but the most important part is that you witness what’s happening after you ask for it. So whether it’s for 10 seconds, a minute, just witness the shift of energy. And even if you don’t feel anything or see anything, just taking that time to connect to the healing itself. And then you say, “Thank you.” But I’m finding that that witnessing of the healing is the most powerful part of the healing.

Melinda Wittstock:         I imagine too that the more you do that, the more connected you get. I mean, I know in my own meditation, which started, like a lot of people with meditation, just all these stray thoughts, just really having a hard time quieting my mind and how that has now morphed over many years into something that resembles this, where I just say, “Okay, you know, that I know that I can’t do this without you. Show me.” And so what that actually means is instead of having a to do list in my life and my business, it’s more of, okay, what is an inspired action I can take today? Show me. And that activity has transformed my life, because suddenly the right people manifest, or the right opportunities manifest, or I’m much better at focusing my activities. So there’s a connection here, and I’m fascinated by being able to use that on healing. I think about like I have these arthritic knees, so I’m going to use your intention. I’m just going to do it. I’ll report back to you.

Jewels Arnes:                    Oh, great. Yeah, definitely do.

Melinda Wittstock:         How that goes, right? But how fascinating. So with a skincare line then, so there’s your ex-husband, his wrinkles have disappeared. I think that’s so cute, right? So his wrinkles are gone and you’re like, “Oh man, I’ve got to start a skincare company now.” So what were your first steps at that startup place? What was hard about it? What flowed? How did you use your inspiration and your unique abilities, frankly. How did you use all that to get your skincare line going?

Jewels Arnes:                    Well, the first step was that I had never even had a facial before. So I was like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m going to be creating a skincare line.” So a really good friend of mine has been an esthetician for 22 years. And I called her up and I was like, “Okay, this is what I’m going to be doing and I want your help.” And so between her and a friend of mine that was a chemist, I was able to get at least the baseline of what I was going to be creating. And then I was able to bring in my creativity of how I was going to infuse the frequencies.

Of course at that point I was using the Ormus. And what I found is that Ormus is the perfect thing to attach frequencies to because it is in a liquid form and it holds frequencies amazingly. So that was really just the beginning and then it was like, “Well, what do I do with this?” And over time I just kind of … Somebody asked me the other day is like, “How did you become so successful so quickly?” And you know what? I sat there and I was like, “I really have no idea.” I was just always at the right place at the right time and I was able to connect to the perfect people. So I don’t know if I answered your question-

Melinda Wittstock:         Well, you did, it because it’s like an energetic alignment. I believe that when we’re in alignment with our true purpose in what we’re here to do in the world, magic happens. Like the universe kind of affirms you. Yeah. Like you’re going in the right way. So here’s a person who’s going to help you. Right? I mean …

Jewels Arnes:                    I totally agree.

Melinda Wittstock:         And that’s why this podcast is called Inspired Business, because the inspiration part is the little bit of woo woo, because every female entrepreneur and moreover every entrepreneur, male entrepreneur that I’ve ever known, interviewed, talked to, worked with, masterminded with. If they’re successful, they have some of this in their processes. Especially now, especially now. Just even the mindset of knowing, getting into alignment, knowing when to act on inspiration, knowing what to focus on, what not to focus on, manifesting the right people, And being able to handle the ups and downs of the journey. Because invariably there are always challenges along the way. But the best use those challenges as opportunities to advance. I mean, the fail moments are learning moments. What have been some of your challenges along the way as you did this? Because you’re making it sound super easy and maybe it has been, but really have there … What are some of the challenges that you’ve faced?

Jewels Arnes:                    I think what I find is my biggest challenge is the whole business part. I could spend all day long in this other world of just being creative and connecting to my higher spirit and all that stuff. But when it comes down to actually setting the sales funnels up and all the … I call it the back end stuff, it’s more challenging for me and in my mind just doesn’t really work that way. And so I really have to reach out and get people to help me and one of these other just follow … Stepping into the flow.

I actually have somebody that’s doing a lot of that work for me now that loves to do it. So it’s just the perfect synergy between the two of us. And I still am being challenged by that because it’s such a different world for me. I mean, I’ve been a healer for 25 years and it always has … I’ve never had this, like it’s just different. It’s different having a physical product in a store and all of that stuff versus having one on one clients. And so having this transition of having to balance both has been really challenging.

Melinda Wittstock:         Yeah. But I mean the answer is you are … You have gotten somebody else to do it. I think we make a big mistake as women when we try and do it all, when we confuse doing it all and having it all. I’ve always learned that the most important thing is to double down on your strength, do more of what you’re good at and hire out the rest. Right? And it’s so difficult for the person who is the visionary and the inventor, which you clearly are, to have the same skills that’s needed on the operational side, on the operational detail, on all the project management. And yeah, like you said, all the funnels and all that stuff, the likelihood of that existing in one person is exceedingly remote. And if it did, you’d never be able to scale your business anyway because you need a team.

Jewels Arnes:                    Yes. Thank you for affirming that because it has been challenging to let that go and have somebody else do it. Though I really wanted to, it was just … I don’t know, there was this little resistance of like, well do I trust them with my baby?

Melinda Wittstock:         Yeah. The trust thing that this is … Oh my goodness. Okay. So I think there should be an AA for … I’m going to say this again. I think there should be an AA for perfectionists, right? Should be like a PA. There should be like a serenity prayer and we got to let that go. Women in particular, we all have this. Why are we … Do we confuse it with mastery, maybe? Or is there some sort of control or fear in there? What is that?

Jewels Arnes:                    I think for me it’s fear, especially with something that is so abstract. And I mean, it is a really different thing and I want to keep the frequency of where I’m coming from in everything I do. I’ve tried hiring someone to to some Facebook stuff and it’s just never worked out. I’m like, “No, this isn’t the frequency of where I want to come from.” I want people to meet me at a place where they’re coming in with an open heart, not from a place of fear, which I think a lot of marketing is. That’s kind of the old way. We need to find … I call it new earth marketing, we need to find this new platform. And so I think it’s just finding the right people that can meet you where you are and deliver. And so that was my biggest thing, is just fear of it losing the frequency of what I want it to hold.

Melinda Wittstock:         Right. So you need to have people on your team that are in alignment on a frequency level, that does add a layer of challenge. Because, I mean, I’m just picturing your job interview, right? But I guess you can heal your team too.

Jewels Arnes:                    And I actually tried that for a while. I was just hiring people. I’m like, “Well, they have the capability.” But then I was like, “Okay, it’s not my job to heal them so that they can work for me.”

Melinda Wittstock:         Right, right. But I guess you would be able to … I’m curious your interview questions, given the fact that you can read energies and whatnot. Also the person, I guess, has to have the desire to want to grow in this direction.

Jewels Arnes:                    Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, and like I said, I feel really blessed that the woman that did come in, she … I almost feel like she’s another one of me, but she’s that part of me that isn’t strong, but when we talk it’s like we don’t even have to talk. Like we just understand.

Melinda Wittstock:         Yeah. That’s the best kind of team. I mean, where you’re aligned on on mission and vision, but then you’re diverse. Like you all bring different things to the table. So that sounds amazing. So I want to get a little bit more into Ormus. What is … How did you discover Ormus? What is Ormus? How does Ormus work? I mean, I’m just fascinated by this now. So I want to geek out on Ormus.

Jewels Arnes:                    Oh my gosh. Well I feel like it’s something that it will be well known within 10 years. So Ormus is … It’s actually ancient. It’s been around since the Egyptian years. But it was kind of lost, and lost what it does for people. And in 1973 a man called David Hudson rediscovered it and has put billions of dollars into studying it. He actually had to send samples of it over to … I believe it was the United … I think it was Czechoslovakia because he couldn’t even find a scientist in the United States to study it because everyone thought he was crazy. Well, what they’re finding is that the molecules in Ormus are always spinning, so it never stands still. So it’s really hard to study. So what they’re doing is they’re studying what it’s doing for us. So some of the things that it’s doing is reversing aging by repairing the DNA and extending the telomeres.

So when you’re putting it on your skin, it actually is reversing aging, and-

Melinda Wittstock:         Wow. That’s amazing.

Jewels Arnes:                    Yeah. So that combined with it activating, so the other part that a lot of people on the consciousness path are using it to evolve in consciousness because it’s activating the dormant part of the brain. So when you have it in your daily life, it truly is helping you connect to your high self or your divine guidance. It’s helping you expand into higher … And I can tell you for myself, that is very true. My life has changed since I introduced Ormus into my life.

Melinda Wittstock:         And so where does one source it? Where does it come from?

Jewels Arnes:                    I actually make it myself, but you can find it online. There’s a lot of different companies out there, but there’s different ways. So I extract the elements from dead sea salts and then I make it from that way. And I use a lot of gold with mine because obviously Eternal Gold is the name of my skincare line, but gold is, I believe, is like the highest element that we have in the third dimension. And so I use that element to turn into the Ormus.

Melinda Wittstock:         That’s amazing. And so what’s next for your skincare line? Is the big goal now to get it into retail, or is it to expand globally, or add new products, or all of the above? What does 2020 hold for you in terms of where you take your business?

Jewels Arnes:                    I think right now it’s … I have a couple of people that are interested in distributing it. I have one in Canada and one in actually Portugal, and it is expanding globally already. So I think really my vision is … I don’t know if I see it in retail. I don’t know if that’s my end goal. I think right now it’s to expand the customers coming into my website and buying from there and, and then connecting more of the healing side of it or the consciousness part of it. One thing that I’ve really started teaching and doing is how to read the energy of your face where people can start erasing their wrinkles by looking in the mirror, connecting to the energy that’s there, and then replacing it with higher frequencies. Because it’s so empowering to watch in the mirror as you’re releasing lower frequencies and bringing in a higher one, that you visually can see the difference.

Melinda Wittstock:         Oh, that’s amazing.

Jewels Arnes:                    And it’s such an affirmation.

Melinda Wittstock:         So Jewels, you, you have to come to one of my retreats then. You absolutely must. Seriously, I do these retreats for women who have high six figure, seven figure, eight figure, nine figure businesses. We’re all super successful, but also trying to juggle it all and we’re all trying to look good doing it. And create really conscious businesses. So it would be amazing to have you there. So we’ve got one coming up in a couple of … I can’t actually say, because I don’t know when this is going to air. So I’m just going to say we’ve got some dates in 2020 and it’d be amazing for you to come and share your product and demonstrate this for everybody.

Jewels Arnes:                    I would love to. It’s so much fun to do.

Melinda Wittstock:         Yeah, absolutely. Well, wow. Where do you see yourself in … I don’t know, five years, 10 years. Do you have a vision of that?

Jewels Arnes:                    I really do … Actually in five years I almost see myself selling the skincare part of this and I’m already moving into another company that I … I’m starting to play with the energies, but it’s going to be called Om Codes, and it’s all about working with genetic markers with frequency. So it’s going to … It’ll be about taking out the genetic markers that hold disease and that sort of thing, and putting in the genetic markers that are going to activate health and wealth. So it’s just another avenue of the same thing, but it’s going to be way more specific and it’ll be really diving deep into upgrading human potential.

Melinda Wittstock:         I love it. Well, I want to make sure that everybody listening can connect with your products, because they are amazing. And thank you for putting some into my hand at the New Media Summit where I first met you. Really, really a beautiful product. It’s amazing. Where can people find it?

Jewels Arnes:                    So they’ll want to go to Eternal Gold Skincare, that’s eternalgoldskincare.com.

Melinda Wittstock:         Wonderful. Well, Jewels, thank you so much for putting on your wings and flying with us today.

Jewels Arnes:                    Thank you. It’s been so much fun being here.


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