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What’s in a number? Turns out there’s a lot that numbers can tell us about our lives, our challenges… our relationships, our purpose, our destiny.


I’m Melinda Wittstock and today on Wings of Inspired Business we meet an inspiring entrepreneur who has made numbers her business, helping us to understand ourselves, our potential, and the world around us.

Liza Spiridon is an entrepreneur and a numerologist, and her passion is to decode your numbers in a tangible way so you can catalyze the life you truly desire. She’s also the host of the hot new podcast Numerology Catalyst, where she recently decoded my numbers and blew my mind with how accurately these explained so many circumstances of my life so far.

We’re going to dive deep today into how numerology works, how you can apply it to your own life and business, and what the numbers tell us about the future of our country and much more.

I can’t wait to introduce you to Liza! First…

I first met Liza Spiridon at a retreat I was hosting last year for successful entrepreneurs – Wings of the Empowered Woman. Liza intrigued me – and all the other women – with the uncanny accuracy of what our various life path and other numbers (derived from our birth dates and names) told us about our personalities, purpose, what triggers us, what enlivens us, and so much more.

Liza has been studying Numerology for over 20 years, and

works with clients from around the world, assisting them in utilizing their innate strengths and talents. Through Numerology her clients have a better

understanding about themselves as well as others, all vital insights in growing and scaling a business for one.

Numbers are not just in a person’s chart; they are also in our businesses. On top of that, we all have personal year cycles, where our own numbers interface with the day, month and year.  Numerology provides powerful Music – bring up softly under my voice predictive insights – as we will soon hear.

Please grab your phone, download Podopolo, where you can ask Liza and me questions – and share your own insights. Plus you can catch Liza’s new podcast Numerology Catalyst on Podopolo – and be sure to catch up with her episodes on the US Elections, Coronavirus and more.

Liza’s mission is to simplify what Numerology is all about through educating mystical science so that everyone can apply and enhance their lives for the better.

Today we talk about how you can leverage numerology in your business – from the timing of launches and signing of contracts, to hiring, management and more. We also talk about what’s in store for the country as a whole, and you’ll learn something fascinating about karmic debt.

Let’s put on our wings with the inspiring Liza Spiridon.

Melinda Wittstock:        Liza, welcome to Wings.

Liza Spiridon:                     Thank you so much for having me, Melinda.

Melinda Wittstock:        I’m excited to talk to you. I think there’s so much uncertainty in the world right now, that’s an understatement, and the numbers can provide us with some certainty or some solace or some predictability. How do you see what’s going on right now in this country? And what are the numbers telling you about that?

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah, thanks for asking. So I did, actually, a three-part series, USA Karma, on my Podcast, and it talked about the numbers of the candidates, the cycles we’re in. And one of the standouts that I noticed was, Trump and USA, they share the same karmic debt number. So what that means in numerology is that you have a debt to pay from a previous reincarnation or earlier in life. And when a person, geographic location, since we can apply that karmic debt number to pretty much anything that adds up to numbers, we can identify a specific debt. And when you can identify it, you can know how to face it, work through it.

So for instance, the USA and Trump share the same karmic debt number, and that’s a 14/5. And 14/5, in numerology, represents the misuse of freedom, particularly when they are not learning from what they have done in the past, which also in turn is saying, “Hey, I’m also abusing the misuse of freedom.” Ring a bell, especially this year?

Melinda Wittstock:        And also not learning from mistakes. All this year I’ve been saying about coronavirus, when the lesson is learned, the experience is no longer necessary, and I think that applies to people’s individual lives, whole countries, everything. And here we are, just doing the same thing expecting a different result.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yep. It’s pretty much we’re living on that hamster wheel I like to say. And until we all find a way to come together and understand one another and unite, we’re going to keep learning this lesson. And I strongly feel like Trump is the symptom to a much larger issues. And we really need to look within ourselves and look around us and go okay, this is a really big lesson for all of us. How can we learn from this? Instead of pointing fingers at everyone else, what can we do individually. That’s really where we can transform individually, as well as collectively.

Melinda Wittstock:        Do you see any hope in the numbers of the country in finally learning these lessons?

Liza Spiridon:                     We are shifting into, the USA in particular, we’re kind of just shifting into more the feminine, the Aquarius energy everybody keeps talking about.

Liza Spiridon:                     So what I see is that people are starting to just get fed up, right? We’re all hitting our tipping point. So when you hit your tipping point, that’s when the breakthroughs happen. That’s when we can go okay, we’ve just had enough. Especially this year, right? Between COVID, the economic downturn, everything that comes with that.

And speaking about COVID, COVID in itself is a huge eye opener for us. COVID is really… When I was looking at the numbers tied to COVID, it literally translates to success through the cooperation of others, and I got goose bumps. I was like oh my gosh. So from that, I knew. I was like okay, this year’s going to be really interesting how it unfolds. So then everything else tied into place, and we’re really just going okay, what is this teaching us. If we can get through the why is this happening to me to what is this teaching us, that’s where the beauty is. That’s where we can really learn so much.

And I do have hope for the future, for us, for our country, for the world. It’s just that while it’s happening, that’s where all the upheaval and everything that no longer serves us is going to kind of just crumble down, and that’s happening literally and metaphorically. Health, finances, relationships, business. I can speak from personal example. I had a company that folded in the spring. And on the one hand I was really sad and grieving, but on the other hand I was like sigh of relief. Is that really what I wanted to do? Now I’m doing numerology which lights me up. I’ve been studying it for so long, and it makes me happy. And I’m meeting amazing people and connecting with amusing people.

So really if you can see the beauty of the lessons through the experiences and go okay, was this really what I wanted? Is this really what matters? Then that’s when life shifts and you can really be on the path that you’re meant to be, your purpose, your mission, whatever you want to call it.

Melinda Wittstock:        I think the coronavirus has been interesting in that, because it was enough of a pattern interrupt in the early lockdowns for people to stop and think. It imposed quiet time on a very busy society, one that’s based on instant gratification. Suddenly the instant gratification was gone, for the most part, and there was this quiet time. And it leads one, as an individual, to look around and think well, what’s not working in my own life? Do I really want to go back to the way things were? Were the way things were working for me? That’s true in business. That’s true in society as a whole, where we see where our education system, or our healthcare system, or systematic racism. You see all these problems in society. It’s show such a bright light on all of these things, both individually and collectively as a group.

And when I put my entrepreneur hat on, I think well that spell opportunity. Because it’s a real opportunity to get into alignment, be, like you were sharing about your own experience, be in the business that you actually want to be in. Live the life that you actually want to live. Go find problems, and if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re destined to go solve them, because you’re an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs solve problems.

So it’s been a really interesting year. Not without a lot of pain, but also with the potential, I think, for tremendous growth in people.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. When you were talking about that, I was just like that’s so true, because we’ve all faced our challenges, especially… I don’t want to use the word challenges. We’ve pretty much faced ourselves this year. Okay, what’s going on? Like for me, I’ve had a lot of family stuff, but what it’s taught me is to take better care of myself and my health. That’s the lessons I’ve learned. And when you were sharing what you just talked about where we have so much growth potential, especially this year, the first thing that came through was your daughter Sydney right? She created all this amazing music. She got all these downloads. And as a life path 11, she’s the portal. That’s going to come through her so naturally and beautifully. And I’m so proud of your daughter Sydney for creating an amazing album.

And how serendipitous is it that she released the song ‘Mr. President’ right before the elections?

Melinda Wittstock:        Well, and we all had an opportunity to hear that on this podcast, because on election day, just two days ago, I interviewed my daughter on this podcast. And it’s so exciting to see a young woman step into her own power. For so many women, and for folks who have been listening to the 500 plus episodes on this show so far, have heard so many women talk about they never figured out how to be fully themselves until into their 40s, or into their 50s. And so as a mom, I was like okay, I just want to save you a lot of time Sydney. Just do what you love, and money and all those other things will follow if you’re doing what you love.

Liza Spiridon:                     That’s so true. I had a company, I think a decade ago, and I just wanted to do it to do something, and it kept just not working out. And it took me five or six times to realize it was not meant for me. It was not aligned with my purpose. And then I shifted into the veterinary field, which I love animals. I’ve loved animals my whole life. And everything just happened so easily, and I was just so happy. And I was like okay, lesson learned universe.

Melinda Wittstock:        This is true, because I’ve had businesses that have been in alignment and ones that have not. And often those ones that are not in alignment, as an entrepreneur, we have these qualities of resilience and determination and pushing through and all these sorts of things, right? But when you’re applying all of those things to something that’s not in alignment, oh gosh, it’s not fun. And like you, I had to kind of turn my back on a company that just, for every couple of steps forward, it was like a kick in the head. But I had investors, and it wasn’t something I felt I could walk away from until my lead investor said, “It’s okay. This isn’t really in your heart. I’m investing in you, so be in alignment with what it is you want.”

I think we do a lot of things out of obligation. We think oh man, I committed to this, so I’ve got to, if you’re an integrity, then I got to follow through, I got to do it. I got, I got, I got, I should, should, should. And when actually no, the universe is putting guard rails on you by stopping you, making it hard. And so if it’s hard, it might not be the right thing, but knowing that balance is tricky.

And I want to actually focus there for a moment in terms of what the numbers can tell us about whether we’re on the right path in our business. How can numerology work to help guide that entrepreneurial path?

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. So in numerology we look at a person’s core numbers. Those core numbers are the most dominant numbers in a person’s chart. So for instance, your life path number, which I like to say if you’re not familiar with numerology or what a life path number is, it’s similar to your sun sign in astrology. And the life path number is very telling about what are your innate talents and strengths, as well as lessons and challenges you’re here to learn. And then you look at the other core numbers in your chart, like your soul urge number, which is really what motivates you, what you feel deep down inside. And your personality number, which is your third core number, which is how you want the world to view you, and so on.

And so there’s these core numbers, and what you do is you look at them and you go okay, this number says this, this number says that. Are the compatible? Are they challenge numbers? And then you can really have a more clear idea of what really brings you joy. What are you really good at? What are you here to learn? What are the challenges you’re going to face over your life? And from that you can have a more clear direction, a more clear picture, about who you are from a numerology lens.

And that can usually spark a light within you. I have a client who was like, “I just keep having these dead-end jobs, and I’m just not happy.” And I said, “Okay, well tell me what you’re doing.” And then we looked at her numbers, and I said, “Okay, well have you thought about being a nurse or a caregiver or something with the elderly?” And she’s like, “I love doing that, but that’s just something I just do on the side. I don’t think I can make money.” And I was like, “No, you look into it.”

And then like six months later she’s talking to me, and she’s like, “I just started volunteering at the senior facility, and it makes me so happy. I realized that now I’m going to be going back to school, and I’m just so excited.” And I said, “Yeah, see, when you realize what naturally bring you joy, what sparks your curiosity, and then you get that confirmation through numerology, it really can set you on the path to joy and fulfillment.”

And when people feel that, it just makes not just that individual’s life better, but everybody else around them. And it was really just… That’s why I love numerology, is because we can use those numbers to really assist ourselves as well as everybody else around them. I mean it ‘dominoed’ into her marriage with her husband, and her mood, and everything else. And she was just like, “I was not happy at that job. And now I’m doing this.” And it was amazing just to see that confirmation, that awareness she realized through her numbers was really why I’m doing this.

Melinda Wittstock:        See I can see it being used in so many different ways when you’re talking about all these different numbers, like your personality number, your life path number, And what it can tell you about what sort of leader, in an entrepreneurial context, what sort of team leader you are. Are you an innovator? What’s the best way to deploy your skill, and your talents, and your insights, and all of that, to actually grow a business?

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. So what I look at in numerology and what I like to share with my clients is not just their numbers, but also cycle’s they’re in; Because there are certain cycles within an individual person’s chart that can tell you when is a good time to start a business, when is a good time to launch a business. And then also, tying it back into entrepreneurs, we can look at their individual blueprint, and look at anybody else they want to hire, work with, have any time of business relationship with, even down to the location of their business, if they have a physical address. I can be like, okay, this is the type of energy that’s going to be in this physical establishment, and this is the type of relationship dynamic you’re going to have with your coworkers based on your numbers and their numbers.

So you really want to see how they are compatible, and knowing how to work with them. For you, for instance, Melinda, you’re a life path four. So to balance out your energy as the dedicated worker, the systems builder, very focused, is to have somebody who has also the creativity and the free flowing more kind of just okay, I see this. But they kind of, I don’t want to say challenge you, but they just help balance that four energy within you. So a good balance for you would be a three or a seven. Eights are also really good, because eights are, as you know, material manifestors, and they’re very focused on building, building, building, just like you, but it just balances out both of those energies. And then the three is the creativity communicator, we like to call them. but they have just more that free flowing energy, which is a really beautiful balance with your four energy.

So that’s just one of multiple examples about how we can look at numerology for entrepreneurs, business owners, pretty much anyone, and just have a better understanding about how is this dynamic going to work. And then on the other side, you could go oh, this is why you’re butting heads, let’s say, with your business partner, or with one of your employees, is because these numbers in your chart and their chart are really not aligned. So let’s see how we can shift that so that it’s a better overall situation dynamic for everybody.

And sometimes it ends up happening where someone’s like well, this just really confirms why I shouldn’t be doing this. Or this confirms what I need to look at within the structure of this situation so that we can shift it individually as well as together as a team. So it just provides more insight.

Melinda Wittstock:        So it strikes me that it’s similar to astrology in the sense that understanding the compatibility of a team. And so making sure those people are aligned, and they’re in the right seats, that kind of thing. But also, in terms of management, leadership, compatibility, all of that, I could see this being a huge, huge asset.

I have a question about this though, because people have a lot of different numbers. It’s not just about their life path number, right? They have all these other numbers. We were talking about karmic debt before at the top of the show in terms of the United States. So how do all these numbers play in into somebody’s whole profile? And are they sometimes contradictory?

Liza Spiridon:                     Yep. So we look at all the five core numbers in a person’s chart. There are a lot more, but they’re considered the most dominant numbers, the core numbers. And so what we do is we look at the life path number, the soul urge, personality, birthday, and expression number, and we go okay. So let’s say for your Melinda, you have a four life path, and you have a soul urge nine. So what that says is you’re the dedicated worker, you’re very focused. Your soul urge is saying, nine, like I really want to help others. You have this deep humanitarian desire to just really make a shift within a lot of people’s lives, and also give back. That’s really your underlying desire, is to really bring people together, support them, but also give back, however that means to you, give back.

Melinda Wittstock:        Yeah, it’s why I became an entrepreneur, which I also think is giving forward in a kind of way, because you’re creating value for people by solving a problem that no one else had solved before. I also believe that entrepreneurs are uniquely suited now, especially in our time of tremendous transition, to solve so many of societies problems using business. So that is very close to my heart, it’s true.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah-

Liza Spiridon:                     For your birthday number, I just wanted to talk about this, because what’s interesting is your birthday’s, you’re born on the 23rd, which add up to a five. Well, five and four, because of your life path four, don’t naturally match up. But because you’re very focused, and very career driven, and you’re very led by your heart with the nine, it balances that five naturally. Okay?

So when you just look at the four and the five, they’re not a natural match. But when you look at that triad, the four, the five, and the nine, then the nine helps balance that out, because you keep going back to that soul urge nine of I really want to give back. That really resonates with you deeply, and it’s a really big driving force, and it has been throughout your life, like you said.

Melinda Wittstock:        So true. We were talking about it in the context of team members and that kind of thing, but obviously in relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, all of it. As a mom or a dad, or in the context of your family. And so I was honored to be a guest on your podcast, one of the earliest guests. And I was blown away, because you took me back to other periods in my life. And challenging times. And the numbers explained it. And this was really to do with my numbers, and tell me if I’m getting this wrong, my understanding of it is that it had to do with my own numbers relative to the world’s numbers, or the calendar numbers, or what was going on, and this whole idea of personal cycle.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. So 2013 was a really-

Melinda Wittstock:        That was a bad year for me.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. I was like how am I going to word this?

Melinda Wittstock:        It was just a bad year.

Liza Spiridon:                     And so what I did is I looked at your birthday, and then I looked at the cycle you’re in, in 2013, since in numerology we have personal year cycles, one through nine. One is beginnings. Every year has a different lesson and theme. And then through nine, which is endings. And 2013, for you Melinda, happened to be a year of endings, completions, but also planting seeds for new beginnings.

Melinda Wittstock:        And that’s exactly what it was. I mean exactly what it was. So, so, so interesting. So when you look at your own numbers, Liza, I’m really curious how you use the numbers to guide your own life? Can you give us some examples?

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. So 2016 I was ready to leave my company that I’d built from the ground up. I just needed a life change. I literally just left everything, because I needed something new. So I decided to move. And I knew based on my numbers and the personal year cycle I was in, 2016 was a really good time to move. It was also a good time to start a relationship, even though I wasn’t ready for that, but I happened to meet my husband two weeks after I moved. Which, I mean, and we started dating.

And this year, 2020, I mean very atypical year for many of us, but this is, for me personally, a year also a personal year of nine, which is endings and completions, and also planting seeds for new beginnings. Well, this year I started my numerology business, so I’m planting seeds for now and the future. So it’s very in sync.

And then another example, so 2018, going back in time, I knew that was going to be a good year to get married. And you can’t force when you’re going to get married, but I kind of just told my husband, “Hey, well we’re engaged. What do you think about getting married this year?” And he was like, “Sure, whatever.” And I was like, “Well how about this date?” And he’s like, “Well, okay. Whatever.”

It helps just knowing numerology and the cycles you’re in as a tool, because if you go against what the vibration, the natural rhythm is, of your own cycles, and also collectively, because there are universal cycles as well. So this year is a four universal year. And when it comes to cycles, the four represents building systems, beliefs, and everything, but there’s a shadow side to every number. So this year, what’s happening? Everything is crumbling down. We’re seeing things as they are, not the way we want them to be.

Melinda Wittstock:        Right, and it’s interesting to me is one of the lessons from this year, also, as I am building literally foundations, making sure that those foundations are built on a good foundation, that there’s an alignment there, that you don’t build on sand. That has been a real theme for me this year, which is interesting. Being a four life path, in a four year.

Liza Spiridon:                     Right, and I was just about to say. So when your life path number is aligned with the same personal or universal year, then it’s going to be magnified. It’s just going to be that much more enhanced. You’re going to have double the opportunities and pleasures, but double the challenges, and you’re going to have to work twice as hard pretty much. So you have that duality within it. And my husband is also a life path four, like you, and he’s in a personal year four top of a universal year four, so.

Melinda Wittstock:        Oh my goodness. Lots going on there.

Liza Spiridon:                     I know. And then when he had his personal month, because we also have personal months within the personal year or universal year, it’s just like holy smokes. But it’s good, because when you know what cycle you’re in, in addition to your own core numbers, you know how to best optimize it. You’re better equipped. You just know how to be better prepared.

And like your daughter, Sydney, right? Going back to that. She’s a life path 11, and she took the opportunity this year to go within, and she created this amazing album. She took what this year was all about. Whether she realized what was happening or not early on, in March for us here in the United States, she went within and she just blossomed.

Melinda Wittstock:        Just knocked it out of the park. But also, just for full disclosure here, you helped up pick the dates for some of her singles to release, like the next one’s coming out on November 11th. So 11/11, and she’s an 11, and that song is called “tell me”. Shameless mom promoter here. Available everywhere you get your music.

But so interesting when you actually can use this. Not only in terms of hiring, or even the dates of hiring, or signing contracts, or getting married. There’s so many things. Now I find it a little bit overwhelming though, because there’s so much detail to it. So how does someone start with this? And I’ve seen all kind of- sorry, I’m just going to pick up and ask that question again.

So Liza, what’s the best way to start with this? Are there kind of baby steps? Because it seems that there are so many different factors that all need to be balanced or calibrated.

Liza Spiridon:                     I would recommend… So when I started learning numerology 20 plus years ago, I just started with the life path number. And the life path number you can find out from your full birthday. And then from there, you can kind of just learn what the life path number is, what are your innate talents and strengths as well as challenges. And then from there, you can just learn bit by bit about every core number in your chart. Or you can look at them all together, which is what I do for my clients. And I kind of just see patterns, and within that see that natural compatibility as well as challenges within that individual’s chart of numbers, the five core numbers.

So I always say, if you have no background in numerology, you’ve never had a numerology before, you don’t even know your life path number, start with a basic life path number understanding. Or you could just do a session where you can look at those and have a broad overview. And then from there you can kind of go okay, what do I want to further explore? Because in numerology we also have that karmic debt number, which is only in a certain number of people’s charts. I would say, from everybody’s charts I’ve done, it’s less than 10%. Not everybody has a karmic debt number, because when I say karmic debt people freak out like what’s my karmic debt?

Melinda Wittstock:        Yeah, what did I do in a past life? Oh my god.

Liza Spiridon:                     But, everybody has karmic lessons in their chart. That’s the difference. The karmic debt is just something that you carry on into this lifetime. And then you can go even deeper. You can look at pinnacles, which are like chapters in your life where there’s a specific theme. And it’s usually a black of anywhere between seven to 10 years. So that’s even more in depth, and that’s in addition to knowing your personal year, and your personal month, in addition to the universal year.

So there are just so many layers to numerology. So I always say if you don’t know numerology and you want to learn, and you want to just start with something very basic, start with your life path number and then from there we can talk about your core numbers, just so you have that foundation, that general understanding. Because through that, usually people realize what they want to learn more about within those numbers. And then it kind of allows that natural direction of okay, let’s explore this in your chart, or that.

So going back to entrepreneurs, if I’m talking to somebody who is an entrepreneur, we can kind of explore cycles because they want to know timing of launches and everything that comes with being an entrepreneur. Or if I’m talking to somebody who’s like I have no idea what direction I want to go in, I’m lost, I need clarity, then I’m like okay, well let’s just talk about your core numbers. Let’s look at your soul urge number. That’s a big one when people don’t have clarity, because the soul urge number is what you feel deep down inside. It’s really what lights you up and going to make you happy.

Melinda Wittstock:        You see, I love this whole idea of cycles. Because you get old enough like me, and I can look back on my life and all the cycles are obvious. The patterns are obvious. The patterns are even a really interesting way, just in the context of limiting belief, say for instance, where it gives you a clue of something you need to release if something keeps happening over and over again that is not desirable, for instance.

But those cycles, they’re very clear to me when I look back on my life. And I think oh gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to have the foresight of cycles? And something you were saying a little while back in terms of say being in a personal nine year, would that be a good time to exit a business for instance?

Liza Spiridon:                     It could be. It could also be a year where you just reevaluate the last eight years, about what was working, what was not working, what you want to put into place moving forward. It could also be a year where you have new beginning, like you said. You could just end it. So for me, my company folded. And I wasn’t surprised, because I’m in a nine personal year. I was like okay.

Melinda Wittstock:        Yeah, I’m talking about selling one though, for lots of money.

Liza Spiridon:                     Oh, selling. Ah, sorry.

Melinda Wittstock:        That’s what I meant by exit.

Liza Spiridon:                     Oh, exit. So usually for exit out plan, good years for that are actually a four, which would be really good for you as a life path four. Another really good year is a six and an eight. And the reasons why those numbers are aligned, I’m just giving you as an example Melinda, because everybody’s different, because you have to look at their charts. As four, you always want to have a year… That’s a really lucky year, when you have the year that’s aligned with your life path number.

The six is really about, okay, kind of getting your ducks in order, reflecting on what really is working in your life and what’s not. And it’s not to say you’re not doing that however often you do it in your day to day life, or annually, or whatever, when you’re doing those reviews or looking within. But the six year is a really optimal time for you with your four energy.

And then the eight is really good, because that’s the year where a lot of abundance comes in.

Melinda Wittstock:        Now that’s my next year with Podopolo, because I’m going into an eight next year.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. And it’s also a really good year to bring in new opportunities as well, and it’s a really good networking year. So you have already a lot of amazing creations in place, and you’re just go, go, going, but next year it’s just like there’s going to be no stopping you.

Melinda Wittstock:        Well, that feels like it, because it feels like I’ve been this racehorse at the gate, just waiting to run as fast as I can, right? And so this year has been interesting, because I’ve had an awareness around it, around that foundational piece, making sure that everything, all the systems, are in place. All the strategies, and getting the people in the rights seats. Right now I’m really focused on hiring. These sorts of things.

And so that when we’re ready to go, we really, really run. And that’s what this year has been about. And what I believe next year is actually about, so that all aligns for me. It makes sense. It makes sense in my bones.

Liza Spiridon:                     Well, the other part of eight, Melinda, to keep in mind, is because you’re going to have that surge of energy where you don’t want to slow down, it’s a good reminder to carve out time for yourself.

Melinda Wittstock:        Oh what? For me, really? What?

No, I mean, this is funny, because this is something that I preach all the time on this podcast for all the women, and men, who listen to this about the necessity for self care, and then I sometimes violate that myself. Because I just have so much energy that I go, go, go, go, until I can’t. And I really am working on that in my life so that I can just take these pauses. And I’ve started to do that through my day, where I’ll work for like a two hour stretch, and then I won’t. I won’t do anything for like half an hour, whether I’m meditating, walking the dog, or rolling around on the floor with the dog, it doesn’t matter. Coronavirus stuff that you do, right?

And those breaks have been life saving for me, for sure.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. It’s what I would recommend, because you’re four energy combined with the eight personal year you’re going to be in, in addition to the five universal year we’re going to be in. And you have the four and the five in your chart, okay? So I would say okay, you have the Costa Rica event for Wings.

Melinda Wittstock:        Yes, Wings of the Empowered Woman. For anyone listening, and if you’re a successful female entrepreneur, October 20th to the 24th in Costa Rica. I can hardly wait. I think we’re all going to need it by then, because coronavirus. It looks like it’s going to be here for a while because it was so badly handled in this country. I’m sorry, not handled at all. So that’s going to be around for a while, and I think by next October, I know I’m going to need my own retreat, you know?

Liza Spiridon:                     Right. Yeah, so what I was going to share is if you can, I know things come up as an entrepreneur, and life just happens, is if you can put on your calendar, as a commitment to time you’re going to take off between now and Costa Rica. Just put on your calendar this weekend is a weekend getaway, or this is just a full day off, no phone, no nothing. Really committing to yourself instead of just going with the flow and realizing you worked 10 days in a row, and then all of a sudden you’re just exhausted. Because that’s going to be really important for you next year with the eight energy.

Melinda Wittstock:        Oh gosh. I mean this is why I am hiring. I literally, right now, there are five job ads that I’ve got going for really significant positions, like our Chief Revenue Officer, our Product Manager, our Social Media person, our Chief Operating Officer. All these really big positions. And it’s so crucial to get those right. So I’m just going to book time with you, Liza, just to go over this, because I want to make sure that the numerology, as we select these people and we narrow them down, I think it’s a really interesting thing to use numerology, and astrology, and all these different modalities to just really make sure that everybody’s in alignment.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah, definitely. It’s really helpful. And speaking of, I am offering a workshop in December. It’s called Make 2021 Your Year.

Melinda Wittstock:        Oh wonderful.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. So I’m offering that because I had a lot of clients this year go I just want 2020 to be over. I really want to start with a clean slate. I really want to make 2021 my year. And I was like, well, this year was your year too, but I get what they’re saying. I just want to start fresh.

Melinda Wittstock:        Well, there’s just so much energy swirling around us. So if you’re on a personal, spiritual growth journey that better equipped you for this year. I found myself not being nearly triggered so much, as so many people I know, not really being in fear. However, it does kind of get to you, because there’s so much fear, and so much anxiety that we’re kind of bathing in, whether we’re emanating it or we’re just feeling it from other people. And really getting that sense of boundaries, or actually just being present. Just being aware of it, I think, is a big part of that as well, that sort of survival and being able to prosper in such times.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah, we could definitely all use some reprieve. And that’s also why I wanted to offer the class, to just kind of have it be fun and informative. And that’s also tying into your question earlier, if someone wants to just have a general understanding about themselves, the participants who will be a part of the workshop will learn about their three core numbers. I don’t go over the five, I go over three. And then we tie it into their personal year cycle for 2021, and well as the universal year cycle, so they’re well equipped and they know how to plan out their year, and just be best prepared.

Melinda Wittstock:        Absolutely. Well, I want to make sure that everybody can do that. We’ll have the details in the show notes. But Liza, what’s the best way to find out about that and work with you?

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah, so visit NumerologyCatalyst.com. And you can just check out my website and sign up. Also, you can get a free numerology cheat sheet when you sign up for my newsletter. And then if you go to the store, you’ll see the Make 2021 Your Year workshop. And I am offering a special offer for if you sign up before the 11th of November, 11/11, you will also get a complimentary 12 month forecast, custom forecast.

Melinda Wittstock:        Oh wow. That’s really generous and amazing, so I encourage everybody to do that. And of course to listen to your awesome new podcast, Numerology Catalyst. Congratulations on that. It’s really cool. It’s really, really needed. And I’m excited that you’re also on Podopolo, the podcast player and app. And so I want to encourage everybody listening to this episode, if you have any questions for Liza or you want to talk about this, you can make sure you download the app. It’s free. Just head on over to the Wings community there, check out this episode. You can comment. And then Liza’s podcast is going to be up there super, super soon. Can hardly wait. And you can interact with her and her podcast there as well, so make sure you go do that also.

Liza Spiridon:                     Yeah. Thank you so much for having me Melinda.

Melinda Wittstock:        Oh, it’s a delight and a pleasure. I think you’re doing amazing things in the world. And I want to thank you for putting on your Wings and flying with us.

Liza Spiridon:                     Thank you.

Liza Spiridon
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Listen to learn the secrets, strategies, practical tips and epiphanies of women entrepreneurs who’ve “been there, built that” so you too can manifest the confidence, capital and connections to soar to success!
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