307 Michelle Manning Kogler: Scaling Spirituality

Do you ever feel that something is holding you back in your life? You can’t quite put your finger on it …  yet something stops you from playing all out, or maybe something sabotages you everytime you get close to success.

I’m Melinda Wittstock and today on Wings of Inspired Business we talk about those subconscious drivers we all have, sort of like the ghost in the machine. We think we’re operating independently, we think we’re in control. Fact is, the meanings we created for ourselves before the age of 7 about events beyond our control, seeded the unconscious beliefs that drive us now.

So today we meet an inspiring entrepreneur who is a transformational healing specialist, medical intuitive and certified performance coach.

Michelle Manning Kogler is also the author of “Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul,” and the Founder of the “Quantum Soul Clearing Process.” Today we talk about how to clear out all those beliefs and energies that do not serve, and learn about Michelle’s use both practical and multidimensional healing tools to help clients optimize all areas of their lives, so that they become the next generation of thought leaders and influencers, helping to revolutionizing the planet.

Michelle will be here in just a moment. And first…

Now back to the inspiring Michelle Manning Kogler, transformational healing specialist, medical intuitive and certified high-performance coach.

Michelle helps her clients strip away old, hidden beliefs, behavioral patterns, and generational programming that stands in the way of ultimate success and freedom.

Her specialty is helping to activate her client’s innate gifts and talents so that their services and work attract their perfect clients, powerfully serve humanity, and revolutionize the world as the next generation of world thought leaders and influencers.

Michelle uses both practical and multidimensional healing tools to help facilitate her client’s personal and professional healing, transformation, and evolution. These tools help clients optimize all areas of their lives, so that they and happy, healthy, spiritually connected, productive, and financially secure.

So are you ready for Michelle Manning Kogler ? I am. Let’s fly!

Melinda Wittstock:                         Michelle welcome to Wings.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Thank you for having me, Melinda, it’s such a pleasure to be here with you.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Well I’m so intrigued by this idea of quantum soul clearing. First of all, what is it, and how does it help people? Let’s just start at the beginning.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Well quantum soul clearing is actually a process that was given to me by a spirit. I had been teaching and doing something called spiritual response therapy, which allowed all of my gifts and talents to kind of blend together and become this unified whole, and I loved the work, and I still do, but after a while it was like, I got so bored with researching, and it felt tedious and it was limited to one person at a time and I kept, in my meditations and prayers, I’d say, “Okay God, there’s got to be an easier way to do this, and there has to be a way to bring it to the eight million people on the planet, versus one person at a time.” I’m that person who wants to be way more efficient and spirit is so much more efficient and one day during meditation, I was shown exactly how to do that and it’s like, it’s about the frequencies, it’s about the feelings and the energies that we’re experiencing inside, and with the information that I had from all of my other trainings and everything that I had done, it was like, oh here’s the access.

Here’s the access and so quantum soul clearing is a multidimensional spiritual technology that helps people clear past, present, future simultaneous parallel lifetimes. All of the generational programming, all of the soul programming, everything that we have come into this lifetime to experience and to get clear on. It’s like this window into eternity, into the ‘everythingness’ that we are. Is that a word? Everythingness?

Melinda Wittstock:                         It is now.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Yeah.

Melinda Wittstock:                         You know I find that this is coming up more and more in business these days that to succeed in business, as entrepreneurs, really it’s what we do on the inside of ourselves that is the biggest single predictor of success.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           It is, it really is, and you know, this kind of sounds, when I say it like that, it kind of sounds like it’s just all woo, but the quantum soul clearing process is actually based on science. The physical sciences, the quantum sciences, as well as spirituality, so it brings that consciousness into business and into our personal lives. Also from the scientific and medical background. So it’s not just woo, I mean, and I kind of hate using that word anyway because we are these spiritual beings in these physical bodies and we can’t divorce ourselves from any part of ourselves and be really effective, and so I think also what’s happening in business, and especially in the world right now, is this explosion of consciousness that is awakening people to who they really are and how they show up in the world, how they show up in the workplace, and what we need to do to bring more consciousness to corporations, to businesses so that we serve the world in a different way and we’re not destroying her.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Yeah, I want to pick up on that in a moment, and I first want to get really practical though. In terms of how this process actually shows up practically. For all those people that are skeptics, and maybe [inaudible 00:09:54] that’s right. What is the practical advantage or impact, how do you see it helping people in business?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Well I work with a lot of women who have had sexual harassment or sexual assault in the past, and when a woman goes through something like that, specifically, it shuts down, we shut down a big part of ourselves, because I have experienced that myself, we shut down a lot of who we are, and so we tend to play small, the quantum soul clearing process is designed to be able to go in and release and clear and heal those traumatic experiences so that we feel safe to show up in the way that we’re designed to show up. From a practical standpoint, when we resolve those inner conflicts, it allows us to think more clearly, it allows us to move through our days more effectively, and it gives us access to more joy, it gives us more access to our life force energy so that we can bring all of ourselves to our work.

When we’re fighting or when there’s a conflict, even a hidden conflict, because a lot of us, it’s like, well I’ve already dealt with that, and most of us have, at some level. But sometimes there’s still hidden leftover programming of now play small, and for me, it also showed up in huge weight problems. So once I actually started clearing a lot of that sexual assault energy that I thought I had dealt with, I was able to lose 85 pounds. So from a practical standpoint-

Melinda Wittstock:                         Oh my goodness, wow!

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Yeah, and I lost it in like seven months, and it just feel off. Between doing the emotional work, and going on a ketogenic diet, the two things together, and I had done everything before that, as far as diet and everything else, and it stayed off for almost two years now. So there are many practical, and it shows up for different people in different ways. So weight loss, it can show up as greater happiness, losing the depression, greater connection, and joy in our relationships with our family members, with lovers, with ourselves. So there’s a lot of practical applications to it that show up in so many different ways.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Gosh, you know, that’s really, really beautiful. I mean, I’m thinking of ways that it shows up though to in terms of just getting better at sales, you know? Right? Or being able to talk about what makes us great without apology, or all these things that women really struggle with. Like in the business world, what do you think are the major things that women are struggling right now with that this type of healing these old wounds, whether we’re part of the Me Too, right?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Right.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Or we have something else, we have like money problems, or money mindset issues, or whatever it is, we’ve all got these things, right? So what are the biggest problems you see women going through as entrepreneurs where this could help?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Women who struggle with sales are generally also struggling with generational mindset. They’re also struggling with self worth issues because, and again, I use myself and many of my clients. Most of my clients after working with me for 90 to 120 days have doubled their income. So they’ve doubled their sales revenues.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Wow!

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Yeah. So-

Melinda Wittstock:                         And how does that happen? Let’s just break that down a little bit, I mean what do you kind of do with them, what are you clearing, what are you getting rid of that allows them to go out and do that?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Well, I want to be really clear, it isn’t just getting rid of something, it’s also reprogramming for something positive, so that’s part of the quantum soul clearing process is we get rid of what the old garage is, that old belief system. We go through a forgiveness process so that we are creating really clear, clean boundaries between us and who or whatever it is in that process, and then we begin to download and take on a whole new belief system and whole new energy.

So part of it is clearing out the old stuff, and then as we take on a new energy, it shifts how we think, it shifts how we see opportunities, and it shifts, especially, here we’re talking about sales. So when we’re in a sales conversation and we’re coming from a place of confidence and a place of course this is going to happen rather than will this happen, there’s a completely different interaction in that conversation, and it’s very subtle sometimes, sometimes it’s not subtle at all, but the customer’s picking up on that. So when we shift that energy, especially when it comes to, for example, sales, it changes who we are at such a core level, because we’re broadcasting as human beings, we are sending out signals, conscious and unconscious signals about everything inside of us, and in return we’re receiving signals. So we’re kind of like this broadcaster and receiver at the same time. So when we shift those old belief systems out, and we clear those old systems out, it makes room for a whole different inner dialogue and a whole different set of core foundational pieces that are broadcasting confidence, and I can do this, and just this capability. There’s a solidness that … Women say I feel solid, I feel safe, I feel confident, I feel empowered, and I think those are all really powerful pieces in the business world.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Yeah.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           And this-

Melinda Wittstock:                         Very true, yeah.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           And especially as women, when we come from that place of confidence rather than from a place of neediness or strident voice, because sometimes when we don’t feel heard as women, we get that strident tone in our voice, but when we come across as confident and capable, and I’ve got this, I’ve got your back in a client situation, it’s such a powerful conversation and that customer can feel safe. They feel safe, they feel confident, they feel like their needs are being met and it isn’t just a sales conversation, it’s a relationship.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Yeah, this is really true. I think also, just knowing that we’re providing value to other people as entrepreneurs, and so, if we underestimate our own value, it’s very difficult to even assume that we’re providing value for anybody else. Or to really value anybody else actually, and so much of the entrepreneurial conundrum, in a way, is finding that value in ourselves or what that unique value is, and being grateful for being able to share that with the world and letting go of that kind of like attachment to like having to do it for some reason, right? You’re not kind of attached to the outcome and you’re just doing it because you can’t not, and you’re doing it for the good of other people. Suddenly that is the thing, at least for me, that allowed me to lock in to something a good deal more resembling the quantum world then, then say the linear one.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Well, and it’s funny because anymore I don’t see a disconnect between the linear world and the quantum world. They’re so intricately tied to one another, and … oh what’s his … Nassim Haramein is a quantum physicist who has brought the practical worlds and the spiritual worlds together through mathematics and through quantum sciences, and he has proven Einstein’s theory of relativity, and brought quantum science and physical sciences together. So, I’ve followed his work. I think it’s such a powerful … I think it’s such a powerful new world that we’re all creating together when we understand who we are as individuals, as well as these greater beings that are inside of us. And again, I can’t divorce, I can’t separate myself anymore from that greater being and I think that most entrepreneurs really are called to a greater calling. Whether it’s selling a practical product, selling coaching services, selling whatever it is that we do, whatever our brilliance is in the world, it’s important to understand who we are at every level so that that brilliance can really shine through, and it allows us to play at a much larger level.

Melinda Wittstock:                         I think that’s really true. And so, this whole idea of quantum is really interesting to me, especially if you’re the type of person whose kind of open to this idea of manifestation. Things don’t necessarily have to happen in a linear way. For a long time, and kind of the Western world, this whole idea that success only came, and only comes to people who hustle, who work hard, who are in the grind and all this. Quantum kind of thinking in this sense throws all that into question because often, my goodness, I have my best inspirations and ideas when I’m not working. Kind of the more lazy I am or the more I spend to create white space for myself or go on vacation or walk the dog or whatever, that’s when I have the more inspired ideas, and the more in alignment I am as a result of doing those things, the more the right people show up, the more at ease, I guess, and flow there is, and the less I feel like I’m in that grind or that hustle. I mean, do you find that too?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Absolutely, and I love the way that you said that, because women are not generally designed to hustle.

Melinda Wittstock:                         No.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           I mean, from an evolutionary standpoint, we are the gathers. The men were the hunters and hormonally, they’re designed that way with their testosterone. Now women can be hunters, we can be very focused, and we can be very directed, but in general, we see a much broader picture, and so from an evolutionary standpoint, we allowed things to come to us. We could see what we needed to do, and when we were out gathering berries and whatever it is that we were doing in the fields, we had this greater view. Whereas men have this very focused, very linear, very go get them kind of view, and as women when we got into the workplace in the 50s and 60s, we adopted that mentality, and in some ways it served us ’cause we had to, we had to play in that man’s world, and as we’ve all evolved, men and women, I think that it’s allowing us to look at, and to step into the greater part of who we are, which is a softer, more allowing, more connected, spiritually connected person, because that’s who we are. We are the bringers of life on this planet. Without that, we wouldn’t have a human population.

So in order to be able to connect in with our gifts, we have to allow ourselves time for that flow and that downtime to receive information. When we’re set linearly, it also changes our hormones, and we end up with more testosterone, which also, I mean from a medical standpoint, that changes who we are as well, and it impacts our relationships, it impacts our health, it impacts everything, and that’s a whole different conversation that we could get into in a different interview, but we need that downtime as women, we have to have that connection to spirit so that we get the inspiration, so that we get … and it’s part of our self care, and are you familiar with human design at all?

Melinda Wittstock:                         A little bit, but please explain for everybody, this is kind of, suddenly, I hear everybody talking about human design. So go ahead, I’m going to ask you to explain it.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           So human design is actually a blueprint of the soul, and it brings in the birth chart three months before you were born, when you’re still in the womb. It brings in the birth chart at the moment that you were born and it also brings in the I Ching, and the I Ching, it has 64 different patterns, which also align with the human DNA codons, and how we are actually put together. So human design has five different types of, we’ll call them personalities, designs, and each design, so there’s a projector, there’s a reflector, there’s a generator, a manifesting generator, and

Michelle Manning Kogler:           as a projector, and I’m a projector, and only about 20% of the world’s population are projectors. We hold space for people to see themselves accurately, but that means that we also have to, we work in cycles, so we need more downtime, and what I’m finding is that so many entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs are projectors. So when we go into that linear mode and I was married at one point to a manifesting generator, and manifesting generators go like the Energizer Bunny forever until they drop and then they wake up. Well, for those of us who go in cycles, that’s the fastest path to death and burnout ever. So I was constantly in this burnout trying to keep up with him, and he just couldn’t understand why I would go in cycles. So there was a lot of frustration in the relationship because of that until we understood what our designs were. But about 70% of the world’s population are some form of generator and then about 1% or 2% are reflectors.


Michelle Manning Kogler:           But human design actually shows us how we were put together and what we’ve come into this lifetime to do, what our soul’s purpose is, what our physical purpose is, and how we show up in the world. All the different unique variations that we are, and when I got into human design, it was such a powerful, powerful explanation of how I was put together, and it’s like all the little pieces just kind of fit together, and I’m oh there I am. I get why I have dreaded going to networking meetings, because projectors need to be invited in. Generators walk up and greet everybody, and manifestors walk in and they say a word and everything just happens for them. So it’s like, when they speak the word, the word is created into physical form. Generators, they’re the workforce energy in the world, and they have unlimited amounts of energy to get things done.

So my frustration was always, nobody ever sees me, nobody ever … I could be in a networking meeting and I’d walk up to somebody and they’d go, yeah, that’s really cool. So, and they’d turn around and walk off, and I’m like, do I have bad breath? What? What is wrong with me? But it made me understand that in order to connect with somebody, I had to be invited, and so asking questions in a networking meeting of that other person to invite them into my space allowed them to invite me into theirs. And each human design type has their own interaction way with other people. So in understanding how you feel things, what you’re, they call it authority, what authority center you have, whether it’s your heart or [asplenic 00:27:20] instant knowing of something. So anyway, that’s human design basically.

Melinda Wittstock:                         I think this is so interesting, Michelle, when you’re talking to yourself as a, kind of like as a projector to allow people to see themselves. You know, they’re good, and maybe also the shadow, maybe also the kind of unknown unknowns, and is this part of really your kind of purpose and passion, your mission in life, and how does that manifest for you in terms of your business and how you help people?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           It is a manifestation of my business, and I didn’t know that initially. So helping people see who they are, who they really are and how they show up in the world, what their true gifts and talents are so that they can find their life purpose. Often times, we have, as women especially, we have an idea of how to make money, but if it’s not our true passion, if it’s not who we are, it’s harder to make a living at it. So when I work with an individual, and even in groups, helping people understand who they are, what they’re here for, who they’re designed, how they show up in the world, and then looking at all of the generational pieces, what’s been passed down to them as well, because a lot of stuff that we’re dealing with isn’t even ours. It comes from mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, great grandma, great grandpa. Sometimes, and what I’m finding with some of my latest clients is 500 to 1,000 generations, that’s a lot of time, that these old programs have been in place, and I’m whoa, that’s like at beginning of time.

So looking at how the human race has been designed, how we’ve been programmed, and how we show up in world is changing, and as we show up so authentically as ourselves in our brilliance and in our true gifts and talents, it makes our business world easier. It makes it easier to make money, it makes it easier to feel safe to be ourselves, it makes it easier to be in our relationships, it makes it easier to be a parent, it makes it easier to be a lover, it makes it easier to be everything that we are supposed to be, and that we want to be because I think most women want to be highly successful, especially in their businesses. We love what we do. Generally, we love what we do, and if we don’t, we’re always looking for what it is that it is that makes us light up, don’t you think?

Melinda Wittstock:         And so, thinking into all the challenges that women entrepreneurs, in particular, are facing, what are some of the biggest ones, and where do you feel you can help them the most, and where do you believe that women entrepreneurs can have the biggest impact?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Wow, that’s a great question. I think, there are several questions in there, you know that right?

Melinda Wittstock:                         I do know that. We’ll break them down.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           this year I’m really focusing on helping as many women understand who they are, what their brilliance is, what their gifts and talents are, and how to bring them so powerfully into the world, and as for how women are showing up in the world, I think we just need to look at what happened back in November, how many women were voted into Congress and into Senate. We are showing up in leadership positions all over the planet, and I think it’s time for more women to show up in leadership positions and to take the lead, and I truly am not dissing men, I love men. And we need to be able to step into a place of true empowerment, so that we don’t show up as whiny, we don’t show up as needy, and we don’t show up stridently. When are standing in our true power, nothing stops women, nothing. So as I help women really step into that place of pure empowerment, it allows them to take the leadership roles very clearly.

Melinda Wittstock:                         And so, for anybody listening to this, and thinks okay, what might my soul needs a bit of that quantum clearing stuff, how can people find you Michelle and work with you?

Michelle Manning Kogler:           I’ve sent you some links for the first step in the quantum soul clearing process, I call it the Quantum Manifestation Mastery. There’s also a link for releasing limitations and finding joy, which is a meditation which helps women release those hidden limitations and then finding that inner joy that is who they are, and then also a forgiveness process, because as we forgive others, and this is the peace that, oh gosh, forgiveness is such a huge part of who we are from a soul level and also from an empowered level. Forgiveness isn’t condoning bad behavior. Forgiveness is saying, you know what? We’ve had this energetic exchange and I’m not willing to play in that exchange anymore the way that we’re doing it.

So I’m giving you responsibility, whoever you are, for your part in this, and I’m taking my responsibility for whatever part this is, and I’m going to draw this line in the sand and I’m going to let you go and I’m going to go my way and I’m going to take me ball, and I’m going to play, and I’m going to live happily ever after because I’m choosing to be empowered, and I’m choosing me, and sometimes that’s easier said than done, but this forgiveness process was given to me, and it is so powerful. It is such a powerful, and it’s so simple to do.

So understanding how all three of these pieces kind of play together is to help women really connect with who they are is such powerful peace.

Melinda Wittstock:                         Well thank you so much, it’s a generous offer and we’ll make sure that we have all of the links to everything on the show notes page, and I want to thank you so much for putting on your wings and flying with us.

Michelle Manning Kogler:           Thank you. I appreciate you having me here. It’s been a real pleasure Melinda.


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